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As founder of Ħamling I have extensive domestic and international experience in Digital Health and the healthcare life sciences  industries. I have an understanding of its key business drivers. This and a International MBA from Lund University, a traineeship @IBM and being a certified Business Architect has given me a diversity of skills in the Digital Health field and recognition as an international leader in a multidisciplinary environment. I have the ability to analyse and synthesise information and do problem-solving as well as to plan and follow through on commitments. I have always been driven by a strong social mission and a desire to improve the efficacy and efficiency of healthcare systems, that is why I started ħamling. Mainly to improve the Digital Health solutions capabilities to connect patients, scientific research and healthcare delivery for better health outcomes. To further Digital Government Transformation outcomes through Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) and automation of GDPR, DGA and datahandling at large. I have co-founded MyData Sweden as a hub of

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